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The project “Entrepreneurship. A Road across Europe” (EARAE) for vocational students and teachers in business, ICT and multimedia and upper secondary school students and teachers aims at developing the entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and competences in European context and improving the language and cultural skills and understanding of the participants.
During this school project we build up a guide containing information related to internal entrepreneurship and setting up a business in each participating country. The students set up virtual businesses in other participating countries.
Close co-operation with real local companies is included.
The results will be collected on web platform and published as websites.
The students will collaborate in national and international work groups.
They will use Information and Communication Technologies for communication.
Participating schools:

  • Prälat-Diehl-Schule -Gymnasium, Germany and
  • Omnia Vocational College, Finland.
  • I.T.C.T. “F.Scarpellini”, Italy;


During the 1st project year, the students explore the situation in their own country learning about internal entrepreneurship and setting up a business nationally. Co-operation with local companies, Associations of entrepreneurs and Chamber of Commerce is included with students visiting and interviewing them. The economical structure of the region is analyzed.
The 1st year results are national.
During the 2nd project year, the students set up a virtual business in another participating country, with the results of the 1st year. The ecological aspect is part of the project. Either the business is ecological or the ecological consequences are taken into account. The 2nd year results are international.
Students´ attitudes towards entrepreneurship are measured the 1st and the 2nd year.

The concrete objectives of the partnership:

• Developing students´ sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

• Developing the ability to seek for solutions in a creative and independent way

• Developing the ability to put the ideas into action

• Getting to know about differences and similarities between the participating countries as for entrepreneurship in general and setting up a business

• Encouraging and better enabling students to set up a business in their own country or abroad

• Gathering and writing down this information in an e-manual

• Improving English language skills, the use of new technologies and the media

• Making teachers and students familiar with other systems of education

• Making students fully aware of the values of foreign countries and of their own country

• Developing the e-learning and e-guidance skills for students and teachers by using new technologies including social media

• Developing students’ communication and co-operation abilities during educational project activities

• Experiencing a new way of learning

• Improving students´ qualifications, flexibility and chances on the national and European labour market

The project is integrated into school´s curriculum. The students have the opportunity to actively participate in planning, implementation and evaluation of the project, the teachers coordinate, guide and consult.The students and teachers will collaborate in national and international work groups. They will use ICT for communication.


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